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Logitech G500s Gaming Mouse Driver Download

Logitech G500s Gaming Mouse Driver Download

Are you a passionate gamer looking for the ultimate gaming mouse? Look no further than the Logitech G500s Gaming Mouse. With its advanced features and cutting-edge technology, the G500s is designed to enhance your gaming experience and give you a competitive edge. In this article, we will explore the remarkable features of the Logitech G500s Gaming Mouse and why it has become a favorite among gamers worldwide. In the world of gaming, having the right equipment can make a significant difference in your performance. The Logitech G500s Gaming Mouse is a top-notch peripheral that offers precision, comfort, and customization, all tailored to meet the demands of avid gamers. Whether you’re playing fast-paced first-person shooters or engaging in strategic real-time strategy games, this mouse is designed to keep up with your every move.

The Logitech G500s Gaming Mouse features a wired connectivity technology, ensuring a reliable and lag-free connection during intense gaming sessions. By utilizing a USB interface, it guarantees a stable connection between the mouse and your computer, allowing for seamless and uninterrupted gameplay. Equipped with a 4-pin USB Type-A connector, the G500s Gaming Mouse can be easily plugged into any compatible USB port on your computer. The interface provides a hassle-free setup process, enabling you to quickly connect the mouse and dive into your favorite games without any delays. The G500s utilize laser movement detection technology, which offers exceptional precision and responsiveness. This advanced technology allows the mouse to track your movements with incredible accuracy, ensuring that every swipe and flick translates into precise in-game actions.

Logitech G500s Gaming Mouse Specifications

  • Type: G500s
  • Connectivity Technology: wired
  • Interface: USB
  • Movement Detection Technology: laser
  • Movement Resolution: 8200 dpi
  • Performance: real-time sensitivity switching 200 – 8200 dpi
  • Buttons Qty: 8
  • Product Type: mouse
  • Included Pointing Device Accessories: adjustable weight cartridge, weight modules with case
  • Connector Type: 4-pin USB Type A
  • Type: USB

Dimensions & Weight

  • Width: 3 in
  • Depth: 5.1 in
  • Height: 1.7 in
  • Weight: 6 oz

Movement Resolution

With a movement resolution of up to 8200 dpi (dots per inch), the Logitech G500s Gaming Mouse offers gamers the ability to customize the sensitivity according to their preferences, Whether you prefer lightning-fast movements or precise and controlled cursor tracking, this mouse allows you to fine-tune the sensitivity on the fly, thanks to its real-time sensitivity switching feature, The G500s Gaming Mouse is built to deliver outstanding performance in every gaming session. Its ergonomic design fits comfortably in your hand, minimizing fatigue during extended gameplay. The eight programmable buttons provide convenient access to in-game commands and macros, allowing you to execute complex maneuvers with ease. Additionally, the adjustable weight cartridge and weight modules with case offer the flexibility to customize the mouse’s weight distribution for optimal comfort and control.

Buttons Qty

The Logitech G500s Gaming Mouse boasts eight programmable buttons, giving you the power to assign various functions and macros to each button, This level of customization ensures that you have quick and easy access to essential commands, empowering you to react swiftly in the heat of battle, Whether you need to reload your weapon, cast a spell, or switch between weapons, the programmable buttons on the G500s are there to support your gaming needs, The Logitech G500s Gaming Mouse falls under the category of mice specifically designed for gaming purposes, Its ergonomic shape, customizable features, and precise tracking make it an ideal choice for gamers who crave superior performance and control.

Logitech G500s Mouse OPERATING SYSTEM:

The operating systems used are Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 7, 8, 10 or later, macOS 10.5 or later, and Chrome OS™ – Linux Kernel 2.6+.

For Drivers

Support that you can install on the device. HERE.


In conclusion, the Logitech G500s Gaming Mouse is a powerful weapon in the arsenal of every serious gamer. Its advanced features, including wired connectivity, laser movement detection, adjustable sensitivity, and programmable buttons, offer unparalleled precision and control. With its ergonomic design and customizable weight, the G500s ensures a comfortable gaming experience, even during extended play sessions. So, get your hands on the Logitech G500s Gaming Mouse and elevate your gaming performance to new heights.

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