Logitech Mk345 Keyboard And Mouse Driver Download For Windows

Logitech Mk345 Keyboard And Mouse Driver Download For Windows

In today’s digital age, having a reliable and efficient keyboard and mouse is essential for seamless computing. The Logitech Mk345 Keyboard and Mouse combo are designed to provide users with a comfortable typing experience and precise cursor control. With its spill-resistant design, adjustable height, and advanced features, this keyboard and mouse combination offers a range of benefits for both work and leisure activities. The Logitech Mk345 Keyboard is packed with features that make it stand out in the market. Its spill-resistant design ensures that accidental spills don’t cause damage to the keyboard, giving you peace of mind while working. The adjustable height with tilted legs allows you to find the most comfortable typing position, reducing strain on your wrists and hands. Additionally, the keyboard includes special keys for music controls, providing quick and easy access to your favorite tunes.

The Logitech Mk345 Mouse complements the keyboard perfectly with its high-precision optical tracking technology. This ensures smooth and accurate cursor control, enhancing your productivity. With three buttons (left-click, right-click, and middle-click), you have all the essential functions at your fingertips. The line-by-line scrolling feature allows you to scroll through documents and web pages with ease. The Logitech Mk345 Keyboard and Mouse combo are designed to enhance your productivity. The keyboard’s comfortable typing experience, thanks to the adjustable height and palm rest, allows you to work for extended periods without discomfort. The 10-key number pad is a
a valuable addition for data entry tasks, providing a dedicated numeric keypad for efficient input.

Logitech Mk345 Keyboard And Mouse Specifications

  • Type: Mk345


  • Spill-resistant design
  • Adjustable height -tilt legs
  • Special Keys: Music Controls
  • Palm Rest
  • 10-Key Number pad
  • Key type: Deep profile
  • On/Off power switch
  • 2 AAA batteries(Alkaline Battery)
  • Battery: 36 months


  • Sensor technology: High-precision Optical tracking
  • Number of buttons: 3 (Left/Right-click, Middle-click)
  • Scrolling: line-by-line
  • Scroll Wheel: Yes, 2D, mechanical
  • Connect/Power: On/Off power button
  • 1 AA battery(Alkaline Battery)
  • Battery: 18 months



  • Height: 186.7 mm
  • Width: 447.2 mm
  • Depth: 21.4 mm
  • Weight: 603 g


  • Height: 105.4 mm
  • Width: 67.9 mm
  • Depth: 38.4 mm
  • Weight: 86.4 g

Durability and Reliability

Durability and reliability are crucial factors when choosing a keyboard and mouse. The Logitech Mk345 Keyboard features a spill-resistant design, protecting it from accidental spills that can cause damage to conventional keyboards. This feature provides added peace of mind, especially for those who enjoy a beverage while working. Both the keyboard and mouse have impressive battery lives, with the keyboard lasting up to 36 months and the mouse up to 18 months.

User-Friendly Design

Logitech has prioritized user-friendliness with the Mk345 Keyboard and Mouse combo. The ergonomic design of both the keyboard and mouse ensures a comfortable experience, even during long hours of usage. Setting up the combo is a breeze with its plug-and-play functionality, allowing you to start using it immediately without the need for complex installation processes.

Logitech Mk345 Keyboard And Mouse OPERATING SYSTEM:

The operating systems used are Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 7, 8, 10 or later, macOS 10.5 or later, and Chrome OS™ – Linux Kernel 2.6+.

For Drivers

Support that you can install on the device. HERE.


In conclusion, the Logitech Mk345 Keyboard and Mouse combo is an excellent choice for individuals seeking a reliable, user-friendly, and high-performing input solution. With its spill-resistant design, adjustable height, special keys, and long battery life, this combo offers both durability and enhanced productivity. The ergonomic design ensures a comfortable typing and navigation experience, while the wireless connectivity provides a clutter-free workspace. Whether you are working on a project, browsing the web, or enjoying multimedia, the Logitech Mk345 Keyboard and Mouse combo deliver exceptional performance. Upgrade your computing experience today with this exceptional combo from Logitech.

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