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Logitech MX Ergo Mouse Driver Download

Logitech MX Ergo Mouse Driver Download

The Logitech MX Ergo Mouse is a remarkable piece of technology that combines advanced optical tracking, ergonomic design, and wireless connectivity to offer users a seamless and precise computing experience. With its impressive specifications, including Logitech’s Advanced Optical Tracking, rechargeable battery, and extensive wireless range, the MX Ergo Mouse stands out as a top-notch input device for professionals and enthusiasts alike. At the heart of the MX Ergo Mouse lies Logitech’s Advanced Optical Tracking technology, delivering exceptional accuracy and responsiveness. With a nominal value of 380 dpi and a range between 512 and 2048 dpi, users can fine-tune the mouse sensitivity according to their preferences. This feature ensures smooth cursor movement and precise control, enhancing productivity and reducing strain.

The MX Ergo Mouse is meticulously designed to provide maximum comfort during extended periods of use. Its unique adjustable hinge allows users to choose between a traditional flat position and a 20-degree tilt, promoting a more natural hand position and reducing muscle strain. The contoured shape fits snugly into the hand, ensuring a comfortable grip and minimizing fatigue, even during intense work sessions. Equipped with eight programmable buttons, the MX Ergo Mouse offers a versatile and customizable user experience. The primary buttons provide traditional left and right-click functionality, while the Back/Forward buttons enhance navigation convenience. The scroll wheel features both horizontal and vertical scrolling capabilities, along with a middle-click function. Additionally, the Precision Mode button allows users to switch to a slower cursor speed for tasks requiring extra accuracy. The Easy-switch button enables seamless connectivity with multiple devices, enhancing productivity
in multi-system environments.

Logitech MX Ergo Mouse Specifications

  • Type: MX Ergo
  • Logitech Advanced Optical Tracking
  • Nominal value: 380 dpi
  • Minimal and maximal value: 512-2048 dpi
  • Number of buttons: 8 (Left/Right-click, Back/Forward, Scroll-wheel with Right/Left-tilt and Middle-click,
  • Precision Mode, Easy-switch)
  • Rechargeable Li-Po (500 mAh) battery
  • Battery life: Up to 4 months on a single full charge
  • Unifying USB Receiver
  • Bluetooth low-energy technology
  • Wireless operating distance: 10 m


  • Height: 5.22 in (132.5 mm)
  • Width: 3.93 in (99.8 mm)
  • Depth: 2.02 in (51.4 mm)
  • Weight: 5.78 oz (164 g)

Long-lasting Battery Life

The MX Ergo Mouse features a rechargeable Li-Po battery with a capacity of 500 mAh. A single full charge can provide up to four months of uninterrupted usage, eliminating the need for frequent battery replacements. When the battery level runs low, simply connect the mouse to a power source using the included USB cable to continue using it while recharging. This convenient feature ensures uninterrupted productivity and minimizes downtime.

Wireless Connectivity Options

The Logitech MX Ergo Mouse offers two options for wireless connectivity: the Unifying USB Receiver and Bluetooth low-energy technology. The Unifying USB Receiver provides a secure and reliable connection with a wireless operating distance of up to 10 meters. This small USB receiver can be paired with multiple Logitech devices, reducing clutter and freeing up valuable USB ports. Alternatively, users can connect the MX Ergo Mouse directly to compatible devices using Bluetooth low-energy technology, offering flexibility and convenience.

Logitech MX Ergo Mouse OPERATING SYSTEM:

The operating systems used are Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 7, 8, 10 or later, macOS 10.5 or later, and Chrome OS™ – Linux Kernel 2.6+.

For Drivers

Support that you can install on the device. HERE.


The Logitech MX Ergo Mouse is a powerful tool that combines precision, comfort, and versatility to enhance the computing experience. With Logitech’s Advanced Optical Tracking, ergonomic design, and intuitive button layout, users can navigate seamlessly through their tasks, boosting productivity and reducing discomfort. The long-lasting rechargeable battery ensures extended usage without interruption, while the wireless connectivity options provide flexibility and convenience. Whether for work or leisure, the Logitech MX Ergo Mouse delivers a premium experience that surpasses expectations.

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