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Logitech Smartdock Driver Download

Logitech Smartdock Driver Download

This Logitech Smartdock is a more advanced smartdock designed for seamless integration with Microsoft Surface Pro. already supported with several features that meet the demands of modern technology, which promises an unparalleled user experience, this Smartdock will offer a hassle-free connection to Microsoft Surface Pro using the Surface Connect Port and make your work easier, this Logitech can meet the needs of diverse user preferences, providing flexibility and comfort during use.

This Logitech-made device is already supported with a white LED indicator light that will provide a clear visual representation of the dock status, This device is supported with AC/DC Adapter Power Type – 100-240V, 15V, 50/60hZ, Smartdock comes with Connection Type Connects to Surface Pro using Surface Connect Port, Dimensions of the dock (239 mm x 344 mm x 209 mm) and extender box (34 mm x 128 mm x 128 mm) provide the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics.

Logitech Smartdock Specifications

  • Type: Smartdock
  • Wired Network Support: 1 Gigabit Ethernet Port
  • OS/Platform Support (at release): Windows 10
  • Supported Hardware (at release): Microsoft Surface Pro
  • Power Type: AC/DC Adapter – 100-240V, 15V, 50/60hZ
  • Connection Type: Connects to Surface Pro using Surface Connect Port
  • Viewing Positions: Landscape
  • Indicator Lights (LED): White LED indicates the status of the dock
  • Connections: 2 Video Output – HDMI, Video Input – HDMI, Video Output – USB, Audio Output – 3.5mm
  • Headphone/Microphone Combo, 2 USB 3.1 Super Speed, Ethernet RJ45
  • Power Type: AC/DC Adapter – 100-240V, 15V, 50/60hZ
  • Indicator Lights (LED): White LED indicates the status of the dock
  • Mountable: Yes using the included Velcro Pad or VESA mounting plate
  • Dimensions: Dock: 239 mm (9.41 inch), 344 mm (13.15 inch), 209 mm (8.23 inch), 2738 g (96.6 ounces)
  • Extender Box: 34 mm (1.34 inch), 128 mm (5.04 inch), 128 mm (5.04 inch), 360 g (12.7 ounce)

Powerful Performance

This Logitech will be powered with an AC/DC Adapter (100-240V, 15V, 50/60hZ) thus ensuring a more stable power delivery, eliminating concerns about interruptions during critical tasks, The inclusion of a Velcro Pad and VESA mounting plate gives users the flexibility to customize their setup based on individual preferences.

Connection Type: Surface Connect Port

As we explained above, simplicity meets sophistication with the Logitech Surface Connect Port. The secure connection ensures a stable connection between the dock and your Surface Pro, facilitating efficient data transfer and device charging.

For Drivers

Support that you can install on the device. HERE.


What we can conclude is that the Logitech Smartdock stands tall as the epitome of innovation and functionality. With its robust features, seamless connectivity, and easy-to-use design, it sets the standard for smart docks in 2023.

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